Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hands on Science

Today we learned about overcrowded plants and how to deadhead flowering plants.  The kids understood the importance of the roots and then we discussed the process of pollination and seed formation.  I enjoyed watching how tenderly the students handled each flower and were meticulous about when and where to cut the spent blooms.  One student said, " I'm a flower neurosurgeon!" My students have taken ownership of  these living things and it's a beautiful thing to experience.  

Friday, April 24, 2015

Thrilling Thursday

This morning my students got "goose" bumps when they saw this visitor at our bird feeder. 

  • We thank Julie Cooper's family for driving downtown to get our first truckload of compost donated from the City of Columbia!
  • We also staked out the perimeter of our garden site today.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day

The students came to class saying, " We're doing Earth Day EVERY day in this class." What a wonderful feeling to hear those words from this generation! 

We enjoyed the beautifully sunny and very windy day today on our garden site.  The Castelli family donated some root balls from their Butterfly Bushes so we got to work transplanting them into their temporary home and giving them plenty of TLC.  We also used recycled plastic bottles to create containers for our seedlings that we'll thin out tomorrow. We'd like to thank the following people for their generous donations.  We will not be able to do this project without the kindness of our parents and the community.
Verbena and gloves – Beth Nettles
Home Depot gift card – Christian Flynn-Hill
Castelli Buterfly Bush rootings

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Keep Those Donations Coming

The Mustang Spirit is evident at Muller Road.  We thank the Castelli, Cathcart, Enders, and McMaster families for their generous donations which allowed us to buy much needed garden soil and our first beautiful flowers for the pollinators.  The kids were thrilled to see all the "real" flowers as they called them. The only things they'd previously see are the hundreds of seedings we've grown.in our classroom.  Mother Nature has blessed us with sun and the flowers are sitting on our patio and soaking it in.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Finally Sun!

Today we were finally able to get out to the site and take measurements for our site map. Yippee!! The kids braved the mud puddles and swampy areas and did a wonderful job collecting and recording our first set of measurements. We also planted some more Zinnia, Milkweed, and wildflower seeds in our classroom greenhouses.  

Friday, April 17, 2015

Fantastic Friday

Hi, my name is Tyra and I am a student blogger for 3rd period Environmental Science. Today our class collected data for our "Current Garden Site Survey" like taking pictures and measurements. We took pictures of how our site conditions looked now so we know what we need to do before we can build our garden. We recorded areas that were sunny and we also marked shady areas, puddles, and areas that flooded from all the rain we had. The ground was muddy and we were sliding and falling in it, but the sky was so sunny that we stood under the trees. It was a fantastic day.